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From the very beginning of our activity we have been dedicated to the quality of our services and the permanent improvement our clients’ satisfaction.
In plain speaking, our goal was to take complete responsibility for all our clients’ problems concerning the customs process. In other words, we struggled to replaced the phrase “troubles in the customs” with “pleasure in the customs”.
We accomplished this mainly through the quality of our team, very well qualified and carefully selected; we keep improving ourselves in workshops and trainings in order to cover each and every legal issue that may arise, considering the fact that nowadays legislation is continuously changing.
The second step was accomplished after carefully examining the cyclic operations of the customs process and determining its rhythm.
The third step followed naturally: we established a balanced work and information flow. Thus we minimized costs and delays, and efficiently adjusted the time for customs procedures.
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The Marian's Trading team is a young one by excellence, on the average aged 40. All our team members have at least 10 years experience and are all professionals licensed and certified by the Romanian authorities.
Eighty per cent of our emplyees are graduates of the Law School, The Customs Legislation School, The Economic Studies Academy or Transport Institute Working together as a team we cover all aspects of the customs procedures: legal – transportation –economic efficiency .

Possession of authorization consignor

The experience gathered over the years helped us develop a system that allows us to guarantee an average customs time of only 3 hours.
This becomes a competitive advantage, as customs delays always involve additional costs (such as storage costs, penalties etc).
At the same time, our system minimizes the direct contact and the involvement of the economic agent in the customs process.
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It Support

We use professional software dedicated to customs services in our everyday work. This way we reduce the time needed to operate customs paperwork. Technically speaking, the operator only introduces the data, all the subsequent operations being made automatically.

European Cerifications

Allignment to the EU requirements concerning customs legislation is a “sine qva non” condition that all the economic agents working in this domain must follow.

Our team strives in this direction, this is why we are in an advanced phase to obtain the certification of Authorised Economic Agent – Security and Customs Simplification
Getting this degree is our main goal. On one hand it will offer us (and our clients and partners) certain customs facilities, on the other hand it will grant us the recognition as an important company, member of the Authorised Economic Agent category.